Good day!  I am Puddles The Clown the Professional Performing Clown from South Africa.

I perform with skills of Juggling, Uni-cycling, Fire Eating and Slapstick Comedy.

I am best suited for large events such as corporate days and carnival and fair entertainment.  I have a fantastic interactive and audience participative show which engages the whole family.

I am available for bookings – large or small.

I have a mobile app for ease of communication which you can download here http://puddlestheclown.mobapp.at It is free to download!

You can also visit my soon to be updated and upgraded website for more beefy info! the address is http://puddlestheclown.co.za alternatively you can like me on my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/puddlestheclown .

Coming Soon! Children’s Apparel and Concessions!  Stay in the loop and bookmark my wordpress blog now!

I look forward to taking your calls!

Have a great day!


Puddles The Clown


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